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Annuaire téléphonique
Annuaire inverse : Qui donc?

multiple DNSBL lookup - Anti-spam
INDEXA, L'annuaire Internet des professionnels
Monsieur Prix
Doctissimo - Guide des médicaments

Duck Duck Go

Fagan Finder Search Engines > Google
Google [International]
Google [Anonymoused]
Scroogle = Google without the ads

Google Books
Robtex SuperSearch III
Ixquick - metasearch

Wayback - Internet archive
List of Lists
Web Filtering, Web Security, Filtering Software - Websense
cRaCkZ uNLiMiTeD

Web searching tools - Fravia
How to search the web, Google's own - by Fravia+

Décodeur cyrillique
Linguistic station - translation & dictionaries - Fravia
Yahoo! - Babel Fish Translation
Dictionnaires francophones (index)
The Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
The Webster Dictionary
Le Dictionnaire - Dictionnaire français en ligne (synonymes, traduction ...)
LEXILOGOS - Dictionnaire français en ligne


TEASER [ex Firstream)
G Mail
Roth brothers (Google Apps)
Orange - Wanadoo
FREESBEE - Infonie - Liberty - repris par

Yah00! mail
Hotmail - Microsoft
La Poste

Hushmail - PGP Compatible Secure Free Email
Dodgit - free receive-only email
TrashMail - Free disposable email

Validate Email

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alt.comp.hardware.aptiva at Google NewsGroups
AMD Processor Support
Annoyances - Windows 2000 Discussion
Arachne - GlenMcc
Boot Land - removing spyware
The CD Forum
DOS ain't dead - Bttr-Software
FASM - flat assembler
Gmane -- Mail To News And Back Again
Gogo6 - Freenet6 - IPv6
"Google" News Groups - Usenet archive
GRC News Server Temporary Gateway read only

Hardware Forumz
HDAT2 Hard disk drives test & repair
HDD Guru
Hurricane Electric's IPv6 Tunnel Broker
K6 Plus!
KANOTIX __ debian linux live & on your hard disk
Kerio - Tiny Support at Broadband_DSL reports
Lockless World Headquarters Forum

MASM32 & GoASM, HLA... Hutch
Microsoft Newsgroups
MSFN - Microsoft Software - I newsgroup italiani - The source for newsgroups news
Polipo-users list @ Sourceforge

Rebels Haven Computer Forum - ASRock K7
Reversing Board [Fravia,Woodmann] - BIOS, MoBo
Sanbarrow ~ Ulli's MOA & VMWare
SixXS - IPv6 Deployment & Tunnel Broker
Speedtouch NZ
Speedtouch, Alcatel / Thomson - Whirlpool Forums
Tight VNC List at Source Forge

VMWare player
Wilders Security Forums
Win32ASM - Iczelion
Windows Support Forums - PC Tools, ex Winguides
Yah00 Groups (listes) - Optimisation PC

Infos et Météo

Météo France (Bretagne)
Marées Trebeurden - horaire, hauteur, coefficient

Jours EJP - EDF

V-Trafic info routes en direct

Astronomy Picture of the Day - NASA
BIPM - approximation à UTC - JAVA applet
Heure de Paris

Le Monde

Radio, Télévision

Programmes TV
Guide télé - Programmes TV
Classic FM
France Musiques - En direct


Etudes françaises - Russon Wooldridge
Dictionnaire de l'académie française
Carte du ciel interactive - Ciel des Hommes
Bibliothèque numérisée - Munich
Bibliothèque Universelle
Project Gutenberg -- Online Book Catalog

Echecs - jeu en ligne - RedHotPawn

Économie - Banque

Financial Times
Les Echos
Crédit Agricole des Côtes d'Armor

Mathématiques, Sciences

Collatz blueprint for failure - Mensanator
Fractal Software and Research Papers - Dark Heart
Hypertext tour of mathematical landscape
The Prime Puzzles and Problems Connection
Mathomatic Home Page
Wolfram Mathematica CalcCenter

Sciences, miscellanea

Atmospheric Optics
Fourmilab Computing, Science - John Walker
Earth View @ FourmiLab
Popular Science - Google Books

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3DNow! Instruction Set
AAx -- Edito anti-Microsoft
Ars Technica
ASP Component for File Encryption, Digital Signatures, Secure Mail and X.509 Certificate Management
Assembly code Optimisation
Assembly Language - TASM 2.x / MASM 6.x - Norton Guide
ASRock FAQ by Guni - Rebels Haven
ATLast! DOS and Windows Memory Managery

BIOS replacement, repair, reprogramming
BNOBTC - Borg Number One 's BIOS Tool Collection -5-
Books - Free computer science and programming books
Boot Disk Project
Boot From a USB Drive Even if your BIOS Won't Let You
Boot Windows 9x from CD-ROM > directory > free > COMPILERS

DUX - Computer FAQ
Freeware Utilities - the 46 Best-ever
Guni's page
The History Of Computing Foundation
Computer History - Simulation Project
David Solomon Expert Seminars
Ext2 IFS For Windows

Information Security and Computer Crime
Interrupt List - Ralf Brown - HTML Version
JavaScrypt Encryption and Decryption
Julian Day Number Calculations
MASM reference
Microsoft CD Keys, CD Key Generator, Genuine Advantage Validation
NDIS Developer's Reference
NT Drivers - WDM - FAQ
NT Kernel Resources Web pages
NT Kernel Resources: Ethernet Bridge

Operating-System Comparisons
Outlook Express -- FAQ
Outlook Express_ File Corruption
Partition Resizer
Profiles _ Mozilla, Firefox

Random Numbers Info
Regex Coach - interactive regular expressions
Regular Expressions Reference - Basic Syntax
ReVeRsInG pOrTaL [.DeMoNiX. ]
Reverse Engineering Software (Introduction)
ROT-13 Decoder and Encoder
Samy Kamkar
Sandpile -- Technical x86 processor information
SMB - Insecurities -- Hobbit
Spyware and Parasites, Dealing with Unwanted...
Stack Overflow - programming Q&A
Startup Applications List
Startup Program Loading

Underground InformatioN Center - Компьютерная безопасность
Virtual Machine Technology (L4ka)
Virtual PC Guy's WebLog
VPC Images Compacting -- PeteL's Blog
Unix Programming (The Art of ..)
The Truth About VMM32.VXD - InfiniSource, Inc.
Windows 9x_ME Older Microsoft patches, fixes, and utilities
Windows XP-2000 NTCanuck's tweaks
Windows 2000 Information and Links
Windows_win95_FAQ Index
Windows95 Page - DrD
Win 98/XP : create a 2nd installation of Windows in the same computer - easily. - MSFN
Windows 98 Reinstall [MethylBlue]
Windows _ Dr. International... Microsoft
Windows -- Supported Code Pages ...
Windows Update Error Codes
Windows 95 Networking FAQ
Windows 95 System Updates
Windows 2000 Firewall
Windows 2000 - Home User Self-Defence
Windows DDK Doc OnLine (OSR)
Windows driver examples - Bo Brantén.
Windows Security
WinDOwS Tricks + Secrets -- AXCEL216 / MDGx
Windows : change motherboard without reinstalling
WSUS Offline Update - Update Microsoft Windows and Office without an Internet connection


Building a Linux Kernel
Kernel rebuild procedure
Linux Assembly
Linux Gazette
Linux : Getting Rid of Nasty Adobe Flash Cookies the Cool Linux Way -- LinuxPlanet
Linux, SiS graphics... (Winischhofer)
Mouse_Diag and Enable_Logitech_Wheel
UNIX Tutorial

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ADSL - Eligibilité - Le 9
Browser Security Test
Comodo FREE Certificate Services
Covert Channels in TCP/IP - Rowland
DNS - "Kaminsky" Vulnerability - An Illustrated Guide
DNS Server List
DNS traversal checking (Squish)
DNS Stuff - DNS and other network tools
Domaine gratuit (nom de)
Domaine gratuit (nom de) -11VM Serv
Dynamic DNS Providers List
Test de débit - Free
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
IPSec and you... ___ AnalogX
IPv4-v6 transition - test
MAC address Change on Win 2k , XP
MAC MakeUp - MAC Address spoofing tool
McAfee - Internet Connection Speedometer
Modem_DSL Tuning Guide
Modem-Help: mfcs_A/Alcatel/Modems/SpeedTouch-510/v4
OpenText Connectivity - ex Hummingbird
Outfoxed - Trusted Metadata Distribution Using Social Networks
Protocoles Internet - http, smtp, pop, imap, ftp, mime, nntp, irc...
Proxomitron.Info ...the Webhiker's Guide to Proxomitron.
Proxy Servers (http) -- A list
Proxy anonymes
Show my IP
SixXS - IPv6 Deployment & Tunnel Broker
SOCKS chain proxy
SpeedTouch get latest software
SpeedTouch 510v4 -- DSL support
ShieldsUP! GRC Internet Security Detection System
Shields UP!! Single Port Probe (135)
The SPF Setup Wizard
TCP/IP - Configure from the Command Prompt
The TCP_IP Guide - Usenet Addressing_ Newsgroups, Newsgroup Hierarchies and Types
Teaser - hébergement - messagerie - accès Internet - sécurité
TreeWalk DNS - NTCanuck
Kaspersky - Scanner antivirus
Virus Total - soumettre un fichier
What Is My IP ... _
Who am I?
Wiki de l'internet libre

Mozilla Firefox

Mozillazine Forums
Mozilla en français
Bugzilla - Bug-Tracking
FAQ sur les plugins
Problematic extensions - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Extensions en français
Firefox Central - Mozilla Europe
Firefox makes unrequested connections
Profiles _ Mozilla, Firefox


cURL and libcurl - grok URLs ! (*X, Win32...)
Interesting DOS programs - Full Index
Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools
Drivers, BIOS et firmwares - classés par constructeurs et par catégories de matériel
FileMirrors - HeadLight Software
FileWatcher - FTP File search engine.
Freeware downloads - SnapFiles
Freeware - NONAGS
Framasoft - Logiciels Libres
FTP Search
Windows Update Catalog - Microsoft
Microsoft Download Center
MicroSoft FTP
Microsoft Research
Reverse Engineering
Search files (FTP) - Slovak Antivirus Center
Sysinternals software archive
Torrent Reactor
Under 1megabyte
The Windows Toolbox
Tools and utilities for Windows - Olof Lagerkvist
The Mole Zone - free programs
Microsoft Download Center (English)
Microsoft - centre de téléchargement (français)
DOS- (& other) Useful Programs
Matze - logiciels traduits en français
Buried Software Utilities in the Simtel and 'pcmag' Archives created by PC Magazine
KERIO download Archive

Tor : The Onion Router

Torproject home
TheOnionRouter Wiki
Tor Flyspray - Tor's bug tracker, wiki and roadmap
Tor Network Status
Tips for Running an Exit Node - The Tor Blog

Sample Hidden Services via :

The Hidden Wiki - promoted edition.
Hidden Services index
TOR Directory
Onion Forum : Tor
Shew's blog
Anonymous news posting - using mixmaster
Anonymous email - using mixmaster

Liens , Favoris & Signets ...

Bob's Links - informatique, sciences et techniques
Bookmarks @Peartree Green
Computing & Network Bookmarks (excellent!)
DAILY Rotation - tech headlines

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